Monday, June 1, 2009

Catching up on last week's writing prompts

Writing prompt: In her rearview mirror. . .

In her rearview mirror, Jane saw her reflection, yet she did not see herself. The hazel-eyed woman who stared back had sunken eyes ringed with dark shadows looking closer to a raccoon. Her usual full face appeared thin and, on-my-gosh! Were those wrinkles?

She leaned in, pressed the fingertips of one hand against her pale cheek and lifted. The laugh lines disappeared. As if playing a wind instrument, she puffed up her cheeks with air and glanced at her reflection. Wrinkles evaporated and pink color returned to her face.

“Better,” she muttered releasing the breath she held.

With a shake of her head, Jane turned the key in the ignition and started the rental car. “Of course you look like crap,” she chided herself. “Someone blew up Starbucks right after you drove through it, the cops think you’re involved, and not just any cop, the cop you left the bar with then ran out on.” Detective pink panties.

Her lips curled up at the thought of the hunky detective standing there for all the world, okay, for all of her to see in lady’s pink underwear. Laughter burst out of her chest. “What had he expected?” Of course she ran out of that hotel room as if her ass were on fire. Wouldn’t he have done the same if saw her in all her glory wearing a jock strap?

Jane backed out of her driveway. As she put the car into drive, she checked her mirror, and yes, in his ugly, police-issued sedan sat the detective hiding behind a newspaper. How cliché! “Could he be anymore obvious?”

Rolling down her window, ignoring the bite of winter air, she revved the engine just enough to get his attention. When she saw him flip the corner of his paper down, Jane slammed her foot on the gas pedal, stuck her arm out the window, and gave detective pink panties the one-finger salute. Then she squealed her way out of her neighborhood laughing all the way.


Ceri Hebert June 1, 2009 at 6:40 PM  

This is going to be such a good story!

Denise June 1, 2009 at 7:11 PM  

Hehe! If I can ever finish my WIP. But after this weekend, I think I am at least getting closer and back on track. Very close to finishing the chapter I started on Sunday.

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