Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Crime Beat?

As I mentioned earlier the past 24 hours have been interesting to say the least. As you know we were hired by the Editor of the local newspaper, The Sandown Scene to investigate connections between Denise Robbins and some unusual events at the Zorvino Vineyards. The Editor made it very clear that our presence here was supposed to be a secret and that any report we submitted for the paper would be publish under false names and no details regarding how we obtained any of our information would be revealed. As it turns out not only are our reports not being printed, but reports about us are! Thankfully the reporter did not get the story completely right but it is a bit to close for comfort. 

Our Master of Mayhem, had submitted his own Crime Beat article and was told it would appear in this morning's paper. His article was about a murder that occurred several years ago at the Zorvino Vineyards and a possible connection to Ms. Robbins. However, when he opened the paper this morning he discovered this article about us in its place. (seen below) Our attempts to contact the Editor have gone unanswered. Read the article, then I will tell you what really happened.

Crime Beat

According to local authorities, strange lights and sounds have been emitting from the home of one Denise Robbins. Neighbors reported a glowing blue light coming from the front windows of the house recently. The sounds, according to one witness, were crashes, and "Like a massive electric wine-bottle opener."

Authorities have attempted to contact Robbins, but it is being reported that she is out of town on the Zorvino writer's retreat. Police have monitored the house and noticed individuals moving about inside, but no one has answered the doorbell. Currently, the authorities are considering entry into the premises under the "Just Cause" umbrella. 

This is not the first time the Robbins Estate has been in the news. Two years ago, esteemed wine reviewer, Caleb Sinclair turned up missing after visiting the home.
Attempts to contact to Ms. Robbins are still underway.

Now that you have seen what is being reported let me tell you what really happened last night. We have set up blue lighting throughout the house in an attempt to be able to see our way around without drawing too much attention to ourselves. None of the neighbors houses are too close by so we were not too concerned. I have a feeling though that the nosy neighbor who had been wandering back and forth past the house earlier in the week may have been the one who contacted the police. So that is two points the 'reporter' got correct. Much of the rest he seems to have just made up, near as I can tell.  

Late Monday night we had heard knocking on the door but decided to lay low because the was house was supposed to be empty. Eventually whoever it was that had been knocking gave up and left. We aren't sure who it was on Monday night because we were worried about giving away our presence by trying to sneak a peak. Then late yesterday afternoon there was pounding on the door and someone yelling "POLICE! We know you are in there!" Being the smallest of the WWS, I snuck over to the front door and stood on my tip-toes to peaked through the peep-hole. It was most definitely the police. I knew that if we didn't acknowledge them quickly they would take matters into their own hands and we couldn't have that. So with everyone else still hiding in the guest room I calmly opened the door with my iPod in hand and head-phones dangling from my neck. I then proceeded to convince them that I hadn't heard them knocking because I was in the back with my headphones on. As for who I was, well that was easy enough - I told them I was Denise's cousin and I was cat-sitting for Mischief and Mayhem while she was away at the vineyard. Luckily I bare enough of a resemblance to Denise that they didn't question it much. I did answer all their questions and even invited them in for coffee, but fortunately they declined. 

That pretty much was that until we saw the article in the paper this morning. Whether or not they really did try to contact Denise remains to be seen. All we can do is hope that they did not and if they did, were unsuccessful. We are, however looking into the reporter's claim about the wine reviewers disappearance because that is not something we had heard before and we have done a tremendous amount of research into both Denise and the town's past. When we know more and have either proven or disproven the claim you will be the first to know.

For now I am off to open a bottle of something. I am sure there is a wine here somewhere to match the mood of the entire WWS crew.

In the meantime I wonder if you dear readers can figure out what is going on? Who did contact the police? Where did this reporter get his information from and why wasn't our Master of Mayhem's article printed?


josie November 13, 2009 at 8:00 PM  

the neighbor contacted the police

the reported had to make the story more interesting and decided to bend the truth

article wasn't printed because they don't want a bunch of people camped out in their town to see the freak house

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