Thursday, November 12, 2009

Wicked Weather Report

I was so riled up yesterday about the whole Miss Concerned Citizen incident, I forgot tell you that we went on a little field trip to Zorvino Vineyards. We learned some interesting things while we were there, but I'll get into that later. 

Earlier in the week I mentioned that our Mild Mannered Genius would be doing weather updates as often as there were weather changes to report. Well there weren't really any changes, unless you count it getting colder and colder as changes - that is until yesterday when we snuck onto the Zorvino Vineyards property....and the wicked weather appeared to follow us...

Wicked Weather Report:

Reasonable temperatures and sunshine had been the norm in the area immediately surrounding the local vineyards for the past several days. Even while the Sandown area continued to battle the unexpected arctic blasts, bleak cloud covering and continuous heavy fog. In a bizarre turn of events, lasting only a few short hours, the weather patterns seemed to have switched places.  Sudden bursts of lightening light assaulted the Zorvino winery, leaving behind strange, smoldering patterns throughout the vineyards. A heavy blanket of gloomy fog enveloped the entire area and heavy snow fell in rapid succession. Meanwhile, the Sandown area was temporarily bright, warm and coated in plenty of that golden yellow magic. Just as suddenly as it started this weather phenomenon reversed leaving behind a crisp carpet of snow at Zorvino and plunging the Sandown area back into the grips of the gloom we had seen for over the past week.

This is an image we just pulled from the Zorvino website of what it looked like after we left. Curious, isn't it?  None of us are complaining because the fog offered us valuable cover for our investigating needs but...well to be honest the only one of the WWS who wasn't a bit creeped out by the whole thing was our, Fab-Para Fearless, Loretta. Which now that I am thinking about it probably makes sense...gotta go find her. 

Cheers ya'll - be back soon...


SusiSunshine November 13, 2009 at 4:23 PM  

Good I'm not there with you. I hate cold! Brrr!
Really strange weather you have there!

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