Friday, November 13, 2009

From the Truth Teller's Own Blackberry...

KB, your favorite Truth Teller bringing you up-to-date on what I am up to while the rest of the WWS is back at Denise's house.

There is some shadiness a foot at the Zorvino Vineyards and I’m afraid to admit, because for concern for my safety, that I believe one of my fellow Wicked Wino Sleuths may be in cahoots with Denise to cause some mayhem. The reason? There is a very special unveiling tonight of a top secret red wine that the winery has created. This wine is made with some special ingredients that the other vineyards in the surrounding area don’t have. Whoever can figure out the recipe and make the wine before the Zorvino Vineyards announce it will become multi millionaires and the kings of the wine world!


Because I have a sidekick, Mho Fho, we were able to split up and look at the suspects. And there are plenty. With my hand dandy palm reading skills, with one touch I can find out who will steal this bottle of wine and break into the safe where the recipe is hidden. Mho Fho has been guarding the room where the safe is located and even though he has a weakness for wine (because he’s a lushy sheep), he has promised me he won’t drink any until these culprits are caught. And because I have my Blackberry on me, I can report everything as it’s happening. Why, I have just seen-




The recipe for the top secret wine has been stolen! Everyone is running around in a tizzy. The dastardly person or persons responsible knew of Mho Fho’s weakness for fruity wine and because he is such a weak sheep, they gave him a few bottles to drink.


Look what has become of my poor demon sheep!

I’ve been trying to get a hold of my fearless leader, Heather, who goes by the name Book Obsessed (you may know her better as The Hostess)- because with her wonderful investigating skills, she can get to the bottom of this crime! All I know is that the lock to the door has been destroyed and the safe blown open! Someone who has these skills is the villain. Also Mho Fho keeps moaning Heather’s name. Could she be the one who pulled off this?


Stay tuned while I get to the bottom of this. The gloves are coming off and no one will be safe from my touch because I will find out who caused my demon sheep to fall back on the wagon and the one who wants to bring down the Zorvino Vineyards!


SusiSunshine November 14, 2009 at 9:22 AM  

Ohh nooooooo! Someone help the sheep! Call 911 now!
Mho Fho, I will send you help!
No better, I'm on my way now...

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