Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Inspired to write. . .Independent Aphrodisiac

This morning when I left my home to drive in my very traffic laden commute to work, I sent out a message on Twitter and said maybe the commute will inspire my writing creativity. Well, it did, only not in a way I had imagined.

The following is a poem I wrote in traffic, but was truly inspired from a conversation I had a few weeks ago over breakfast. I hope you enjoy, laugh, shout.

Independent Aphrodisiac

Independence is an aphrodisiac
Yet you want me to need you
Or is it that you need me?

You encourage me to make friends
Yet you want to tag along
Or is it that you want me at home?

You cheer me on to chase my dream
Yet you have to tell me how to do it
Or is it that you want my dream?

Are you certain independence is an aphrodisiac?
Or is it a goal. . . for you?


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