Friday, November 13, 2009

Parapsychologist amongst us? Are you KIDDING ME?

The emotions in the house are tense to put it mildly. It has now been three days since we last had any contact with the Editor of The Sandown Scene. This is also the third time something about us instead of by us has appeared in the paper! 

How this even happened is beyond me. Nobody should have known we would been there or could have seen us. At least I didn't think it was possible that anyone could have seen us, but sadly, I am obviously be wrong. Something is not right about much is not right about this in fact. 

The worst part is who found this tasty little tid-bit in the paper. Of course it was Loretta, our very own Fab-Para Fearless who found it and now we might have to change her name from fearless, to feared - that's how livid she is! (Everyone else is tip-toeing around. That is everyone else that is here right now anyway...but that's another story.) Read the article below...

Breaking News: Parapsychologist amongst us?

This reporter has had a very familiar, although dormant chill run up their back once again. As most of you may recall, a most gruesome murder was committed at the Zorvino Vineyards several years ago. A murder that was never solved and which may or may not have helped with the success of the Zorvino line. Evidently, due to rumors of strange occurrences at the vineyard, someone has seen fit to have a parapsychologist brought in to do a little investigating and communing with, dare I say it—dead people?

Now, this reporter knows that loose lips sink ships and not wishing to find themselves under investigation, or perhaps added as a no longer living participant to this murder mystery tour, I will not be disclosing the source for the information printed below. (I have read Agatha Christie’s “And Then There Were None” and do not wish to find myself on the list of the None). I have it on good authority that this female parapsychologist has actually been in town for several days (staying where one wonders?) and that there have been some very strange events reported by her. Even at this moment, city council is deliberating as to whether they should follow her directives. It seems “Ms. I See Dead People”, has intimated that the infamous murder victim has led her to believe that there are TUNNELS beneath the lovely Zorvino Vineyard. According to this reporter’s very reliable source, what lies beneath the vineyards—in the dark—holds a clue to the truth of the happenings at Zorvino’s.  

You all already know we were there yesterday, and yes, Fab-Para did have an interesting chat with the ghost of the woman who was murdered there years ago. There may be some truth to some of the other things she mentions but...Where does she get this stuff about the CITY COUNCIL??? I am really wondering about this newspaper and where they find these hacks.

I am off to drink some of the Australian Shiraz that I. Sneak brought over with her. I know its not a Zorvino's wine but I can't help it if they don't produce an Australian Shiraz. I mean if they did I would of course be drinking that, but...oh forget it...I'm off to find the bottle opener.


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