Sunday, May 31, 2009

Write and Win! - Writing Prompt Contest in June

The month of June is writing prompt contest at

Each week during the month of June, Denise will post a new writing prompt on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Your job as readers and writers is to post your creative writing in response to those prompts.

Rules: (not many)

1. The prompt is always the beginning of a sentence. Example: In the mirror. . .

Your creative writing response has to start with the prompt provided at the beginning, and let it take you from there.

2. There is no limit in the amount you write and post for others to see except that it has to be at least 1 paragraph.

3. Yes, if you want to win, you have to participate by posting your creative writing response in a comment. Emailing Denise (which many people do and she appreciates it) will not count. You want others to see it and respond, say how much they enjoyed it and see how everyone comes up with something completely different.

4. To be considered for a prize, you have to respond to all 3 prompts posted in that week no later than Saturday evening.

5. The most important rule is to have fun and make whatever you write grab the reader's attention.

What happens at the end of the week?

At the end of each week, Denise will announce the winner for that week. Remember, you have to respond to all 3 prompts for that particular week.

The prize is a "You don't say no to girls. . . who do it and write about it" T-shirt and a copy of IT HAPPENS IN THREES.

That's a chance to win a book and a T-shirt each week during the month of June!

Have fun and thanks for participating!


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