Thursday, May 28, 2009

Name that Hero Contest!

Step right up and name that hero!

As you know, I have this story for book number 5 going off in my head and in the various writing prompts that I post and you write to. At the moment, I call it the "Pink Undie Story." The real title will hit me when I actually get to focus on that book.

In the meantime, if you hadn't noticed, I have yet to name the hero, the cop who got caught wearing those pink undies. The heroine is Jane and will remain Jane. For some reason her name just fits.

The hero. . .his name has not popped out and hit me yet, and said, "My name is. . ."

Here is the contest part. From now until Saturday, post a comment back and make a suggestion as to a name that I should use for my hero. I

f you want to know more about him, read some of the previous writing prompt posts. The name cannot be Michael, Max, Lucas, or Jake. Those are my other heroes.

The name needs to be very strong, especially after the guy gets caught wearing girl's panties.

What do you win?

Hm. How about an autographed copy of IT HAPPENS IN THREES and a You don't say no to girls T-shirt.

Hurry though! You only have until Saturday!

I will announce the name and the winner on Saturday evening. Good luck!!


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