Friday, May 22, 2009

The cab pulled up . . .Writing Prompt Response

Cab Writing prompt response.

Sorry for taing so long, but here is my stab at Tuesday's creative writing prompt.

The cab pulled up. . .

The cab pulled up in front of the curb and Jane’s stomach bottomed out. Seeing the yellow vehicle reminder her that she had to leave her car behind at the burnt out Starbucks for crime scene investigation.

Not only had she left her car behind, but she had been hauled to the police station for question. Like she was some nutso that bombed the coffee shop. She stepped through the glass doors, squinting at the bright sun high in the sky. “Do I look like a criminal?” she murmured, moving toward the cab.

“You look pretty shady to me.”

The deep voice came from behind and sent involuntary shivers down her spine. Before she could react, a strong hand brought her up short. Jane glanced down at the fingers gripping her forearm. Her gaze trailed upward and paused at the broad hard-muscled chest she remembered seeing naked only two nights ago. She licked her lips. Swallowing the knot of lust, Jane continued until her eyes met his steely-gray ones.

“Going somewhere?”

Calming her rapid heart, she reclaimed her arm and stiffened her spine. She would not let desire interfere with her anger. “Home.” Jane pivoted away from the detective.

His hand landed on top of hers at the same time that she grabbed the door handle to the cab. Before she knew it, the cab took off. Without her.


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