Sunday, May 24, 2009

Book-A-Week Challenge Reading Three's The Charm

This week's Book-A-Week Challenge is with Ellen Dye, author of Three's the Charm

If you have not purchased it yet, follow this link to Amazon or go to


Heath Ransom is educated, successful, a brilliant Doctor of Veterinary Medicine---and completely miserable. In the process of making himself amount to something---a feat no Ransom ever achieved in Trenton's Forge, West Virginia---he'd managed to lose the only person who made his life amount to anything, his wife, Rachel.

And now he's home and determined to stop at nothing to win her back.

But Rachel has some very firm opinions where her ex-husband is concerned---and no way will Heath, with his golden-blonde, ruggedly sexy good looks change any of them. She'd vowed never to speak to him again, and that was that.

But when her beloved horse falls ill and Heath is the only Vet within three counties of West Virginia mountains Rachel begins to learn that some vows need to be broken.

And perhaps, others are meant to be renewed.....

To find out more about Ellen and her books visit her website at Remember, an interview with Ellen will be posted next Sunday!

Next week watch for Jim Colombo's The Key's to the Vault - A Caroline Baker Adventure in the Book-A-Week Challenge


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