Wednesday, October 21, 2009

24-HR Read-a-thon Reading List

You've signed up for the 24-HR read-a-thon, marked your calendars, and now it is time to make a reading list.

With four days left before the Read-a-thon, have you identified your read-a-thon stack? Even if you don't get through all of them or if you end up reading more thab the beginning stack, you'll want to know what you are going to read so you don't have to search the day of.

I have created my pile for the read-a-thon from a stack of books that I have been collecting. These are older, out-of-print books written by one of my favorite authors, Iris Johansen. If I run out, no problem, I have more in my overflowing library.

Here are the titles of the books you have to look forward to me blogging about this Saturday: (all authored by Iris Johansen)

1. Last Bridge Home
2. Tempest at Sea
3. Blue Skies and Shining Promises
4. York, The Renegade
5. Return to Santa Flores
6. Touch the Horizon
7. Stormy Vows
8. Wicked Jake Darcy
9. Everlasting
10. And the Desert Blooms
11. 'Til the End of Time
12. The Spellbinder
13. Notorious
14. White Satin
15. Always

What are you going to read? Share your reading stack here.


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