Monday, October 26, 2009

Book-A-Week Challenge Reading Simple Genius by David Baldacci

This week in the Book-A-Week Challenge, we are reading Simple Genius by David Baldacci.
David happens to be one of my favorite writers, in particular, his Camel Club series. Simple Genius is not in his Camel Club series, but his series with former Secret Service agents Sean King and Michelle Maxwell.

Who doesn't like a strong, intelligent guy who cares about his partner? Of course, I love a heroine who can hold her own and stand up for others. These two make a terrific team! Plus, there are some technologies in this book that sound intriguing.


David Baldacci's much-loved protagonists Sean King and Michelle Maxwell are having trouble adjusting to life in the wake of the terrible events that drove them to the brink in HOUR GAME. Dogged by hidden demons from her past, then almost killed in a barroom brawl, Michelle agrees to try therapy at a mental-health facility, where she simultaneously busts a ring of drug-dealers. Sean, hoping to right their shared career in the private security sector, accepts an offer to investigate a mysterious death at a scientific think tank called Babbage Town, located suspiciously close to the CIA's most infamous yet covert training camp—"The Farm". In Babbage Town, the security is tight as the world's great geniuses race to invent technologies powerful enough to conquer the most sophisticated microprocessor. Michelle soon joins Sean, and before long both find themselves pawns in a terrifying game whose elusive players cite threats to national security as justification for their most heinous crimes.


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