Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Could your neighbor be a romance writer?

This weekend, Sausan Cragin, author of Nuclear Nebraska and member of the New Hampshire Romance Writers had an article she wrote published in the Concord Monitor, a local newspaper. Is your neighbor a romance writer?

The article is entertaining, interesting, and educational. Take a look at the article, read it, share it with your friends. And the next time you are out and about whether at the grocery store, in a bookstore, at Target or Wal-Mart, pick up romance novel, flip to the back and read the bio of the author. Find out if she is from your neighborhood.

Or when you are out to eat, glance around. Do you see a woman sitting there with a notebook and pen writing away, laughing at nothing, or maybe she has a tiny little computer sitting in front of her, her fingers flying over the keys, making faces at the screen while she types?

She could be a romance writer. Or the romance writer could be sitting there with a companion and instead of listening to the person sitting across from her, she is tuned in to a conversation between two strangers and taking mental notes for her own novel. Be careful what you say in a low whisper. :-)

Next time you are out, pick up a romance, take it home and have a good read. It's the best therapy for a little mental break and a lot of relaxation. Happy reading!


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