Thursday, October 15, 2009

Worst and Best things on Monday

I wanted to just add my response to the Worst and Best things that happened to me, but it appears that my response exceeds the size limit. Oops!

So instead, I'm posting it here.

Best and Worst thing I did today

I am basing this on my Monday because that is when I drafted this little post up.

Worst thing I did that say was have to chase down a belt for my lawn mower, but I found it. It only took me 2 days, 6 different stores, and 1 very nice and knowledgeable man.

Best thing I did on Sunday was after I found the lawn mower part. Nope, I did not mow the yard. I could not get the mower apart to hook the thing on. [SHRUG] What can I say? I obviously need to work on my upper body strength.

After I found my mower part, I felt pretty dang good, like I had finally accomplished something for the day. I walked out of the store, inhaled the crisp cool air, then gave a quicker shiver and slid into my car and turned on the heated seat. There is nothing like the feeling of a blowtorch scorching your ass to warm a body up.

In my car, I turned on my audiobook, cracked the windows, and headed my car not toward home, but toward Maine. Gorgeous day and a drive sounded like a nice idea. I drove up to Kittery, Maine and stopped at the outlets.

The thing to know about me is that I am not much of a shopper. Oh, I enjoy people watching, staring at the kids who walk around with their jeans half way to their knees and their boxer shorts hanging out the top of their pants. For someone reason they seem to think that is cool even sexy while the rest of know it looks ridiculous and just hope when they grow up if they want to keep dressing that way they at least become a plumber.

I do however love to walk around at an outside shopping area. I love the feel of sunshine on my face even while the rest of me shivers in the chilly wind. Breath in the fresh, smog-filled air is way better than the stale air of stinky, sweaty people indoors. Then there is the noise of the people talking, the cars driving, horns honking that I can tune out because I am enjoying the outdoor walk from shop to shop with no particular destination in mind.

Yes, I went into a couple of stores but only a few. And yes, I had the best luck. I found a bag that will carry my laptop as well as all my other stuff. No more carting two bags around or trying to stuff everything into one like the bag were a sausage casing. Ick! In preparation for the winter months, I picked up a few sweaters from two of my favorite women’s clothing stores.

The last shop I stopped at was the Polo store. Polo used to make these jeans called Saturday Jeans that I adored. They fit perfect with none of that stretchy spandex crap in the material to make you feel self-conscious. The denim molds to your hiney, fits your legs without being too snug and still you have the room to bend and move, the perfect length when you have short legs like me, and don’t forget the waistband that slid in right below the belly button so the belly-ring does not get caught on the pants. Cuz boy does that hurt!

Polo no longer makes my beloved jeans so while I visited their store I searched out another pair. I went to the men’s section and searched their tables. I found the smallest pair I could find and was holding them up to see if they would fit when a very nice salesperson by the name of MaryAnn approached me and asked if I needed any help. I told her the story of my favorite jeans and she suggested, now this is the cool part, the BEST part. MaryAnn suggested the BOYS’ jeans.

What? Are you kidding? I never even thought of that. Needless to say, I took the salesperson’s advice and wended my way over to the kids’ section and located the boys’ jeans. Unbelievable! I pulled out a pair and took them to the dressing room. In the small room with the mirror covering one wall, I tried on the boys’ jeans. Shock, surprise, and pure delight crossed my face as I flipped and turned and attempted to get a good look at my ass in the mirror.

Wahoo! They fit even better than the Saturday Jeans. I could not believe it. I am a girl remember, so what do you think I did after I found out these fit so well?

I bought 3 pair, of course! As any self-respecting woman would. The best part was that the boys’ jeans are half the price as the women’s jeans.

Lastly, the way I end every trip to Kittery is that I have to stop at McDonald’s on the way out and get a cheeseburger and a Coke. Don’t ask me why but it is a ritual with me and about the only time I ever eat fast food or McDonald’s. It was the topper to a great drive and a wonderful, spur of the moment, shopping spree.

The funny part is, my day did not end there. I completely forgot that I had a massage appointment for later in the day. Can you think of a better way to end the day?


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