Thursday, October 29, 2009

Response to Tuesday's writing prompt

Whew! I finally had time to sit for a minute, let my mind go, and write for a writing prompt.

Tuesday's prompt was: Behind her sunglasses. . .

Here is my attempt:

Behind her sunglasses, Jane stared out across asphalt lot. Her gaze fixated on a spot on the horizon, a glimmer of orange and red shimmering just above the black. Leaning against the hot metal of her car, she crossed her arms and looked, her eyes never seeming to blink.

As the burning ball crested, she felt her heart stop. Her mind flashed. She saw the fireball lift the roof off the Starbucks and flames shoot out at her as if a dragon aimed his scorching breath in her direction. Jane ducked, threw herself flat on the pavement, her hands covering her head. Gravel bit into her knees.


She heard her name, but it sounded like an echo down a long corridor of an empty castle.

“Jane.” Strong hands gripped her around the waist and hoisted her up.
“Don’t. Get down before we burn,” she yelled as her feet kicked air.

Jane swung out with her fists, trying to get the man to let her go, to get to safety. When her hands struck a solid wall of muscle they bounced off and she was enfolded against the same wall with arms tight around her middle making breathing difficult.

“Shh,” the low voice said against her ear as a hand stroked her head. “You’re okay, the fire is out.” He petted her again and when his warm lips pressed against her temple Jane melted and relented. “You’re safe.”

Safe, her mind repeated. She leaned into the warmth, the body, the man. Her eyes closed reflexively as she inhaled him, smelled his scent. Oh, she wanted nothing more than to be held, to be cocooned in strong arms that would protect.
Protect and serve. Her head snapped up. Him!


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