Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Difficult part of writing

This evening I went to hear a friend, author, and mentor read at UMASS Lowell. David Daniel is a terrific writer and when he reads his own work it is truly a treat for your mind and ears. BTW - find out more about David and his books at

At the end of the author readings, the speakers opened up for questions from the audience. So first, you have to picture this old room with built in wood cabinets, gigantic old-paned windows that you know are not energy efficient, and this freaky statue sitting behind the speakers staring back at you. Outside the wind is whipping, rain is falling, and steam from some smoke stack is rising in billowing clouds of gray. Then you notice all these college students, some older, most young and completely shy when among a strange group.

So when the writers ask, "Does anyone have any questions?" There is a distinct silence that hits the room like a thud without sound. Too funny.

Of course, I sit there and murmur to everyone around me that they need to ask a question. They all look at me with that glassy-eyed gaze, like no, not me, uh-uh.

I raise my hand and ask, "What do you find is the most difficult part of writing?"

The authors concurred in their response, "Finding time to write."

Now I ask you. . .What do you find is the most difficult part of writing?

Share your experience and how do you overcome that writing challenge.


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