Friday, April 10, 2009

Love Scene Discussion Day 5 - Part 2 Recap

Day 5 - Part 2 Recap: Love scenes are never just rustling sheets and heavy breathing. They include two people revealing more about themselves through their thoughts, action, and even dialogue.

The assignment for part 2 was to give an example of a love scene with dialogue.

Here is mine: This is actually after it has started.

Jake sat up, grabbed Charley’s bare shoulders, and flipped their positions. Breathing rapidly, he spoke. “You’re going to end it too soon,” he whispered in a husky voice.
Charley giggled. “I want it fast.”
His eyes went wide. “Not that fast, Shugar.”

Shugar? “Mmm.” She liked the sound of that. Wow! The tug of her nipple between his teeth sent shivers and heat through her. When he suckled one breast and squeezed the other, she arched up wanting more, raked her fingers into his short chestnut hair, and moaned.

Grabbing his head, she tugged him to her face so she could kiss him, thoroughly. As their tongues danced, Charley wrapped her legs around Jake in a plea for more. She wanted him. Now!
Jake chuckled then purred in her ear. “What’s your favorite lollipop?”

She blinked in surprise, trying to figure out if Jake just asked what she thought. “Lollipop?” She rasped out the word because his hand had just slid into her shorts and her mind swirled.

“Mm. My favorite is a Tootsie Pop.”

He was sliding down her body, taking her shorts with him. When he spoke again, his breath was hot against the tiny patch of hair between her legs. “Know why?”
Charley didn’t know, didn’t care. She just did not want him to stop stroking her.

“Go ahead, Charley, ask me why.”

“Wh – why?” She managed to ask on a breath of air as he sent one finger inside her. She thought she had been wet before.

“Because I like to see how many licks it takes to get to the . . .”She covered her eyes with her hands as Jake’s tongue slid inside her then found her button, and oh – my – freaking –.

And yes, I will leave you hanging there. :-)


Ceri Hebert April 11, 2009 at 6:28 AM  

Very clever! Cute and sexy.

Denise April 11, 2009 at 6:40 AM  

Hehe. Jake is my favorite. :-)

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