Friday, April 10, 2009

New writing prompt

Needed a boost to get me going when I get back from a 1 PM appointment. So here it is.

Prompt: The postcard said, "Greetings from . . ."

Hehe! I like this one.

Share what you come up with.


Ceri Hebert April 10, 2009 at 12:22 PM  

The postcard said “Greetings from Maine”.

Lacy stared at the photo on the front of the card. Not a scenic view of the Atlantic that Maine was most famous for. No lighthouses, lobster boats or rocky coastlines. No, this photo was of the forest and a river. The back of the card stated it was the Allagash.

Why should she know this? But she did. And the feelings she got when looking at the beautiful, lush forest and twisting white waters wasn’t peace and happiness. No, she felt sick. The sensation started in the pit of her stomach and crawled with shuddering force throughout her limbs.

A flash hit her, fast, hard. A trailer. Trashed, everything trashed. The stink of death in the air.

Then it was gone. She was standing in the middle of Ray’s living room. But the smell still lingered in her mind.

There was no return address on the card. Only a postal stamp from Millinocket, Maine. Three words were written on the back of the card in black slashing print.

“Miss you.

She had no idea who Frank was, but she knew, without a doubt that he meant to kill her.

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