Wednesday, April 1, 2009

My 3-Day Event

I thought I would share how my 3-day event went last weekend.

First day I only sold one book but it was to a woman who came looking for me in particular. That was neat! Lesson learned . . .it is all in the presentation. People were confused by my chocolate and book display. I kept getting "Is this a diet book?" HA!

The ladies that own in the booth next to me gave me a good display suggestion. The next day after plastering pictures of myself next to the display and wearing one of the other vendors T-shirts, I sold 15 or so. And believe it or not, I got people eyeballing the photo, then me, and back again. Then, and I am dead serious here, they would say "Is that you?" or "You look much younger in person than in the photo." Okay, the young part was cool! :-)

Sunday, I think I sold about 10. Not bad, considering my feet were killing me!! Had one woman, a retired English teacher, when she realized I was a NH author flip out with excitement. She stood in the middle of the aisle and yelled to everyone that they should buy my book because I was a local author - who cares what kind of book. Excited is just too weak a word for her enthusiasm.

Another woman, bought two books from me on Saturday (one for her and one for her sister). Then on Sunday she sent her daughter to buy a third book for her neighbor's birthday.

My favorite part was watching the guys try to pretend they weren't oggling the cover art. I even had two guys literally standing in the middle of the aisle between booths staring as if their eyes were going to bug out of their sockets and drooling. I stepped out and asked, "Do you read?" My thought was "hey, if you like the cover, you'll love what's inside." They were too embarrassed at being caught oggling. TOO FUNNY!

All in all, I had a blast.

PS - I sold a ton of chocolate lollipops.


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