Saturday, April 4, 2009

Response to writing prompt

Remember the prompt from the other day:

The day started off pretty much like any other until. . .

My response:

The day started off pretty much like any other until the unthinkable made it a day Jane would never forget. The office called and their computer systems had been hacked. All her customers were in a state of panic that someone stole their secure information. In a rush to get to work, she didn’t see the truck that piled into her car and left it totaled and her stranded in the middle of the intersection. To top that all off, there was a strange man standing at her door with flowers and a box of chocolates claiming she had a date with him. Her mother, no doubt, had a hand in the sweaty man with the bad comb over and the ugliest suit she had ever seen.

What did you come up with? Did you hook the reader? Sometimes these little writing prompts are so much fun!!


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