Monday, April 27, 2009

The smell of writing prompt response

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and all your smells were of the pleasant, fragrant, and flowery kind. I spent most of my time outdoors clearing away tree limbs from the winter ice storm. There were tons of them. I got to plant very few flowers, but I did find this annual called Sweet Alyssum. You should have seen me walking around Home Depot. I went through the aisles with my nose in the air sniffing as if a dog on the scent. All I knew is that I had to find this sweet smell, the kind that makes you want to take deep breaths and never let them out because the aroma is so intoxicating. I planted it at the edge of my deck so everytime I sit outside I can get a big whiff. Ahh!

On to the homework. On Friday I put out a prompt: The smell of

Here is my brief response. I'm going to add this to the Starbucks burning one last week.

The smell of the burning building was toxic, stinging her lungs and the little hairs in her nostrils, and it would not go away. Even after the fire engines arrived and put out the flames, the odor of coffee, gasoline, and burnt human flesh permeated her nose. A firefighter gave her a hanky and she held it to her face, covering her mouth and nose, but it did not prevent the acrid, pungent stench from creeping in and making her gag. It hung in the air like a curtain of death.


Ceri Hebert April 27, 2009 at 5:58 PM  

Well done! Very vivid. fits in perfectly with what you previously wrote.

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