Thursday, April 9, 2009

Love Scene Discussion Day 5

Day 5: The big O

In a love scene, the pinnacle is reaching the almighty climax. It's the same thing with your manuscript overall, right?

But what do you call the Big O? How do you describe it? Is it described differently for the hero than it is for the heroine?

The 3 most commonly used terms are climax, release, explode. There, I said them so you don't have to.

Your assignments should you choose to accept them are as follows.

Exercise 1: List 5 examples her the heroine "getting hers". (You may not use any of the 3 commonly used terms I mentioned above.)

Exercise 2: List 5 examples her the hero "getting his". (You may not use any of the 3 commonly used terms I mentioned above.)

Exercise 3: Write an excerpt, just a small one, that shows the hero and/or heroine reaching that pinnacle. Same rule applies.

Have fun!!


Ceri Hebert April 9, 2009 at 8:54 PM  

#1 Heroine's turn
1.molten peak
2.ripples of ecstasy
3.frenzied waves of passion
4.shuddering completion
5.swept over the edge

#2 Hero's turn
1.fiery culmination
2.plunged over the crest
3.pulsated within her, silky wave
5.white-hot eruption

#3 my excerpt.

“Touch me,” she begged against his mouth. As if the thundering tempo of their lovemaking wasn’t enough. She pulled in a harsh breath as his fingers found their way between her thighs and circled against her slick bud. There was nothing keeping her from going over the precipice of ecstasy. The slide began where his fingers worked in tandem with the push and pull of his thick arousal and it burst free with glorious surge after surge until it filled her entire body, from her toes right up to her mind. She couldn’t focus on anything but fighting for more oxygen as she rode the wild wave that hit her like a tsunami.

Denise April 9, 2009 at 9:07 PM  

Ceri -

Let me just say, "WOW!" For such a brief excerpt that was HOT.

And your lists are terrific. I like seeing other phrases.

Thanks for sharing!


Maybe I'll do a day 5 part 2 tomorrow morning. :-)

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