Friday, April 10, 2009

Love Scene Discussion Day 5 Recap

Day 5 Recap: The focus of this lesson was to talk about the "Big O." To talk about it from both his and her perspective.

Exercise 1: List 5 examples of the heroine "getting hers". (You may not use any of the 3 commonly used terms I mentioned above.)

· convulsed around him
· ripples of ecstasy flooded through her
· she cried out with unabashed abandon
· screamed in ecstasy
· wave after wave of rapture

Exercise 2: List 5 examples of the hero "getting his". (You may not use any of the 3 commonly used terms I mentioned above.)

· shuddered and convulsed
· cry of satisfaction
· soared over the edge
· plunged over the crest
· exploded within her

Exercise 3: Write an excerpt, just a small one, that shows the hero and/or heroine reaching that pinnacle. Same rule applies.

When her thighs quivered against his hips and her eyes glazed, Lucas drove into her, buried himself deep within her heat. She came in a cry of ecstasy, her gaze never leaving his, as he pulled back and slammed into her again. The rhythm of her pulsating muscles clamped around him and sucked him in. She milked him wave after wave until he shuddered and convulsed and then she pumped her hips and rode him again until he collapsed on top of her.


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